The Art of Branding: Designing Effective Printed Marketing Collateral

Branding is the identity a company creates for its products and services, connecting those products or services to a specific group of customers. It’s the name, visual logo, and set of values associated with a product that distinguishes it from competitors. It’s the reason we instantly recognize Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Apple, or Nike—all companies with their own distinct branding.

Despite the popularity of online media and social networks, printed collateral remains a staple marketing tool for most businesses. Whether a business is trying to drive traffic to a website, connect with new or existing customers through direct mail, or raise awareness at a trade show, marketing collateral is one of the most effective ways to promote your business and communicate a clear and compelling message.

Printed marketing collateral can take many forms, from white papers to e-magazines, brochures to infographics. Each piece should be purposeful and aligned with a specific marketing goal. When creating marketing collateral, it’s important to include a balanced mix of text and visuals, as humans are more likely to process visuals than text. The right blend of content and design will help ensure that your marketing collateral is impactful and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

In today’s digital world, there are more options than ever to deliver your marketing collateral to your audience. However, despite the proliferation of digital channels, print remains a powerful marketing tool that should be used in conjunction with your digital campaigns to create maximum reach and effect.

When designing print collateral, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of the product you produce will ultimately be judged by your audience. Mediocre designs will not leave a positive impression, and it’s critical to ensure that every piece of collateral you create is well-thought-out and aligned with your goals.

A good way to make sure your printed marketing collateral is high-quality is by working with a reputable Orlando print shop that allows you to customize templates with the exact content you need. Whether it’s a white paper, e-magazine, or annual report, these customizable templates give you a starting point to quickly create and edit your marketing materials. This saves you time and energy, so you can get your content out there faster and focus on the other aspects of your marketing strategy.

For example, if your artist friend creates psychedelic artwork but also happens to have three children, you may want to consider separating his personal life from his business by creating separate social media accounts or choosing different subjects for his paintings. This will ensure that your brand doesn’t seem schizophrenic and helps you maintain consistency across all of your marketing channels. After all, it takes seven impressions for someone to remember your brand, so consistency is key.